Monkeys (Players)

Monkeys are the team’s players, introduced by NFT assets owned by game players. Monkeys serve as an income generator, allowing a player to earn MonkeyBucks ($MBS) by winning games.

Monkey NFTs are not just awesome collectibles, they are the in-game assets that affect the ability to complete missions, and play and win matches.

Each Monkey NFT has a unique DNA composed of its' Appearance, Trainable Abilities, and Special Moves.


Each Monkey's appearance is derived from a DNA pool of countless possible traits ranging from common to rare, making each Monkey's appearance truly unique. Based on all 32 total traits there are over 2.5 trillion possible permutations of Generation Zero of the Monkeys, illustrating the rarity of each NFT.

The more rare a Monkey NFT is, the higher its “Alpha Factor”, which increases the Monkey's ability to perform Special Moves.

Core Game Skills

Each Monkey has four core game Skills:

  1. Accuracy: The higher the Accuracy stat, the greater the ability to score a goal from a distance

  2. Passing: The higher the Passing stat, the greater the chances of making successful passes

  3. Defense: The higher the Defense stat, the greater the chance of successfully tackling and defending

  4. Control: The higher the Control stat, the greater the ability to receive the ball and keep it

Each Monkey is born with an initial and a maximum potential score for each ability. A rare monkey NFT will have a high initial score for any of his abilities and/or a high potential score. Each monkey also has the ability to perform combinations and special moves. When Monkeys consume in-game items - their scores improve.

Game Perks:

Monkeys are also born with 12 Game Perks, or boosts of in game actions. For example, some Monkeys will have a better factor when kicking from the left side of the field compared to other Monkeys. Other unique factors may include Ball Interception, Dribble, Courage, and more.

Monkeys' elements influence their abilities and also dictate in which position each will perform better - whether as a Score, Midfielder, Defender, or Goalkeeper. Rare Monkeys will have higher factors in a specific role, compared to other, more common Monkeys.

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