$MBS Tokenomics

Strategic Liquidity and Expansion

Our journey into the future of mobile gaming is marked by a commitment to not only extend the UNKJD ecosystem across a myriad of Web3 platforms, but also to ensure that each new game we launch is robustly supported from the get-go. This ambition necessitates a significant enhancement in liquidity to facilitate seamless, multi-chain, and cross-game transactions, as well as to underpin the early stages of our upcoming games with the necessary $MBS liquidity. To achieve this, we've strategically increased our liquidity reserves from 40 million to 160 million $MBS. This crucial increase is our commitment to ensuring a seamless experience across our ecosystem and a strong launch platform for new titles.

Empowering Development and Engagement

As we ambitiously expand, ensuring our team's growth and engagement is paramount. Recognizing the critical role of development, we're allocating a greater portion of $MBS towards fostering innovation and supporting our dedicated team. This move from 40 million to 70 million $MBS underlines our investment in our people and the future of UNKJD.

Optimized Rewards and Ecosystem Support

In aligning with our strategic vision, we've recalibrated the rewards and ecosystem support distribution to ensure $MBS continues to be an attractive asset while facilitating our broader goals. This adjustment ensures that while we continue to reward our community, we also robustly support the ecosystem's expansion and development.

Streamlined Token Distribution

To facilitate these strategic shifts, we've adjusted our token distribution, increasing liquidity and development reserves while optimizing rewards and ecosystem support. The rest of the allocations for early backers, team, partners/advisors, marketing, listing, and user acquisition remain unchanged, providing a stable foundation as we navigate this exciting phase of growth and innovation.

$MBS Allocations

Rewards & Ecosystem


Early backers


Multi-chain and cross game liquidity








Marketing, listing and user acquisition




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