UNKJD has developed a custom platform called GAME OS that has been leveraged for its first Web3 franchise release, UNKJD Soccer. GAME OS is also an end-to-end platform supporting the launch and growth of other Web3 games and Web2 studios looking to make the leap to Web3.

GAME OS provides critical infrastructure and solutions for launching a game, Live Operations, Marketing, User and Economy Management, Wallet, Custody, and NFT technologies.

NFT Technologies: UNKJD has developed the infrastructure and processes to create and generate high-quality NFTs through the Unity engine built on top of our version of “Candy Machine”.

Infrastructure: Whether it’s developing features and applications for the game ecosystem or blockchain infrastructure, UNKJD has developed the infrastructure for:

  • Chain-Agnostic Game Client

  • NFT Minting

  • Independent Marketplace

  • Token Generation

  • Staking Infrastructure & Solutions

  • Blockchain Analysis

Artificial Intelligence: Robust, multi-layer behavior tree modeling for the A.I. behind the teammates you are not in control of, and the opposing team's players in the Player vs Environment game mode.

Analytics & Prediction: A platform that combines data points from blockchain and game data analysis to create better decision-making.

Live Operations: A critical component of game operations once launched is managing the Live Operations. UNKJD is developing a 360 management system for Web3 games to manage all aspects of Game Live Ops, just as in tier 1 Web2 gaming studios.

User Management: Understanding the player ecosystem, and creating and managing user segments is key to providing a customized player experience for each segment along with relative communication.

Economy Management: Creating games that last require sustainable economies. UNKJD has designed an economic system that allows for sustainability through extreme growth and translates it to smart contracts. The economic model consists of a balanced rewards system that works for all, contrary to play-to-earn with an untamed rewards system. Applying web3 economic modeling innovative rewards systems for web3 gaming.

Web3 Marketing Console: a 360 solution to segment, filter, and deliver messages and promotions to wallets and analyze performance.

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