At UNKJD, we're on the cutting edge of mobile gaming, seamlessly blending the thrill of sports games with the strategic depth of RPGs, all within a singular, mythical universe and a dynamic economy driven by the utility of the UNKJD $MBS token.

In the UNKJD Universe, players will encounter a rich tapestry of interconnected games, unique IPs, and a vast array of collectible characters. The lifeblood of this ecosystem is the UNKJD $MBS token, which facilitates in-game transactions and powers a whole economy of play, win, and trade.

We are the new frontier where gaming meets the future of decentralized finance. Our vision is to create an entertaining gaming experience that also offers real-world value and new opportunities, echoing the innovative spirit of the Web3 revolution.

The Team:

Founded by industry leaders from Playtika, Coti, Azuki, and Disney, UNKJD boasts an experienced team of passionate professionals.

Raz Friedman - Co-founder and CPO Playtika’s ex-CPO and the creative force behind Slotomania, WSOP Poker, and other top-grossing games, now brings his pioneering expertise in Free to Play and masterful game design to our studio as a Co-founder and Chief Product Officer.

Shahaf Bar-Geffen - Co-founder and Chairman Seasoned tech entrepreneur and co-founder of COTI, a deep technology enterprise layer one co-founded WEB3 group in 2006, now leads as Co-founder and Chairman of our studio, infusing his extensive experience in technology and business development into our strategic direction

Tal Friedman - CEO Prominent executive in the Israeli gaming industry, who steered Playtika’s top games as VP Product at Slotomania and General Manager at House of Fun, now helms our studio as the CEO, bringing a wealth of leadership experience and a track record of success


We have raised $24 million in a Series A equity funding round. The raise includes investors from Griffin Gaming Partners, Vgames, Maverick Ventures Israel, Max Stealth, Drive by DraftKings, and 6th Man Ventures.

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